Craig Walton – geoscientist

4th year PhD student based in the Department of Earth Sciences, at the University of Cambridge (supervised by Dr Oliver Shorttle).

I am currently focussed on the following research projects:

  1. Building phosphate mineral texture-age records of collisional evolution in the inner Solar System
  2. Exploring the interactions between geo- and prebiotic chemistry
  3. Modelling the long-term evolution of the global phosphorus cycle

My interests span cosmochemistry, the origins of life, and global biogeochemical evolution. I am always up to chat science, and welcome email correspondence if you have an idea or any questions about my work and research topics. I can be reached at




NASA PCE3 – Phosphorus in Prebiotic Chemistry and Early Earth – Art Omran – Craig Walton – Matthew Pasek

Phosphorus and the early Solar System – The Cosmic Cast podcast


Astronomy on tap: meteorites – messengers from the early solar system


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