Chelyabinsk: the cosmic tourist

Today, our latest research article on meteorites came out in Communications Earth and Environment. The paper focusses on Chelyabinsk – a fantastically preserved ordinary chondrite that evidences ancient and recent collisions involving its parent body asteroid. This is a unique sample, which has both travelled our Solar System and, in the course of my research, the whole world. From Milton Keynes to Beijing, and everywhere in between, in and out of numerous instruments, nearly falling to pieces twice, and being salvaged by the tender care of expertly trained geologists and planetary scientists, this little rock has been on quite the journey…

You can hear about my research in an interview here. You can read press releases that summarise the work here, here and here! (and in the Daily Mail, if you want a chuckle – though please don’t trust their grasp of cause and effect…!)

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